Acute Injuries
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If you do not live in the Vail, Frisco or Aspen Area, Dr. Kavi Sachar is available for virtual visits from the convenience of your home or office. Given our interconnected world, we are glad to provide virtual advice and offer treatment options that best fit you.

Hand, wrist, and elbow injuries can be devastating and medical opinions as to best treatment options can vary. Dr. Kavi Sachar is an internationally recognized expert in his field. To make sure you are pursuing the best treatment options, second opinions and virtual visits can help decision making easier.

Many of our patients live in the Front Range, Rocky Mountains, and Western Slope regions. Telemedicine gives patients an opportunity to both establish care and seek second opinions without long travel. Paid for by insurance, patients can schedule consultations with Dr. Kavi Sachar without having to drive to Vail, Aspen or Frisco. Oftentimes, care can be initiated and, if surgery is needed, it can be arranged virtually to minimize in person office visits. Postoperative treatment may also be done virtually as well, minimizing patient travel.

If you have an acute or chronic medical condition that may require treatment and in person visits are inconvenient, schedule a virtual telemedicine visit with Dr. Kavi Sachar by calling (970) 476-1100. We will help establish and coordinate your treatment providing you with world class care.

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Board-certified and fellowship-trained hand surgeon Dr. Kavi Sachar is widely regarded as one the nation’s leading experts on hand, wrist, and elbow injuries. Dr. Sachar has three office locations in Vail, Aspen, and Frisco, Colorado. If you or a family member suffer from a hand, wrist, or elbow injury, contact Dr. Sachar today. Dr. Sachar is part of the world-renowned Steadman Clinic. Dr. Sachar and his team are here to help. 

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