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Thank you for choosing Dr. Kavi Sachar and The Steadman Clinic as your Orthopedic Provider. We look forward to getting you back to the activities you love. Please use the information below to prepare for surgery and complete your 5 pre-surgical tasks. By reviewing this information in its entirety, you will assure the smoothest surgical day.

You may view full directions below or download our PDF packet versions here:

Check In Time

Patients will receive a call from a member of our team between 1-5pm the day before surgery with their check in time. These times may range from 6:00am-1:00pm. Please do not contact our team requesting your check in time. We will be sure to reach out to you!

Contact Information

Our team is here to assist with any pre-surgical and post-surgical requests.

Fax: 970-479-5886

Carmen Moscarillo

Practice Coordinator
Direct: 970-479-5853

Surgery Scheduling
General Practice Questions

Jonathan Desillier

Physician Assistant
Cell: 970-485-0484

Medication Requests
Post-Operative Planning
Casting/Bracing Planning

Kate Stoltz

Athletic Trainer
Phone: 970-479-5886

Therapy Requests/Questions
Short Term Disability & FMLA

4 Tasks Before Surgery

  1. Plan a ride – regardless of the type of anesthesia, you may not drive yourself home after surgery. If you need help coordinating a ride, please reach out to our Concierge Team.
  2. Pre-Register Online with your Facility – Select the appropriate pre-registration form under facility information to complete your pre-registration with your surgical location.
  3. 4 Showers with CHG 4% (hibiclens) soap prior to surgery. Specifics listed in your pre-surgical packet or click here for specific directions.
  4. Medications- Certain medications should be stopped prior to surgery. Please call Jonathan at 970-485-0494 with questions.

Facility Information

Basalt Surgery Center

Coming Soon Spring 2022

Surgery FAQs

Surgical check in times is finalized the day before any operating day. A member of the team will contact you between 1-5pm the afternoon before surgery to provide your check in time. Check in times can range from 6:00am to 1:00pm on a given operating day.

Absolutely. You may reach Carmen Moscarillo via phone or email to request a preferred check in time. There is no guarantee when your check in time will be (6:00am-1:00pm), but we are happy to accept a preferred check in time to consider when finalizing our surgical order. We will also consider travel time to your surgical location when finalizing the schedule.

For liability reasons, none of our affiliated surgery centers or hospitals allow patients to drive following any procedure. Even local anesthetic procedures still require a responsible adult for every patient to be released to. If you need assistance with coordinating a driver, please reach out to our Concierge Team.

If therapy is recommended after surgery, we will provide all information to your either at your pre-surgical planning meeting/phone call with Carmen or go into detail at your first post-operative visit after surgery with Dr. Sachar. If you are unsure if you need hand therapy after surgery, please contact our team at 970-479-5886.

Check out our preferred list of Hand Therapy Providers to find a certified hand therapist in your area. If you do not see a covered area on this list, please check out your local area for certified hand therapist. This is a different type of education from Physical Therapy.

At a Glance

Dr. Kavi Sachar

  • Specializing in Hand, Wrist, & Elbow Surgery
  • Board Certified Orthopedic & Hand Surgeon
  • Consultant to the US Ski & Snowboard Team & Colorado Avalanche
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